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We make decisions all the time. There are always a few decisions at  moments that consume our vital energy causing stress and we look for guidance. We feel like we have no control at these times. Decisioncare uses astrological principles, artificial intelligence and big data in guiding this decision making process.

We strongly believe that astrological services are essential services, no less important than health or educational services and should be available to all so that there is less stress in day to day decision making.

Vedic & Western astrology,  both, emphasize that time and location of an event give  insight into its future destined evolution. There are several available diagnostics that provide a glimpse of things to happen in future. We have created a website just for you - with articles about astrology and important diagnostic tools like birth charts, transits, dasha etc. . More importantly, we are excited to announce  free personalized account option where you can enter your birth information,  learn in greater details about your & your family's future and take decisions accordingly . Some features include:

  • Daily Transit Charts
  • Birth Chart - Western and Vedic
  • Daily Outlook - Expert (Free)
  • Ask Questions to Expert Astrologers
  • Family/Friends Horoscope Albums
  • Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Transit Guides & Forecasts

Daily Free Transit Charts

Get your free transit chart - both vedic and western for each day. Currently, you can make transit charts for any future date for free!

Birth Chart Calculations

View your birth chart (both vedic and western) Check important characteristics and locations of planets in houses for your own chart

Expert Questions and Analysis

Ask free expert questions and analysis. For better service, buy our premium packages to get your questions answered by our team! 

Receive Free Predictions for Special Life Events, Horoscopes, Daily Transits and Much More!

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