2009 Astrology

2009 Astrology is bound to leave a deep impact on our lives. Coming in the midst of global financial crisis, stock market crashes, recession, rising unemployment, bank failure, bankruptcies, foreclosures and housing market meltdown, it is making everyone seek relief. There are major planetary transits next year which will determine the fate.These 2009 planetary transits are:

Saturn will be retrograde in Leo from Jan 1st to May 17th. Then it becomes direct again in Leo and enters Virgo on September 9th 2009 and stays there till the end of the year.

Jupiter will be in direct motion in Capricorn till it becomes retrograde from June 16th to October 13th in Capricorn itself. Then it becomes direct and enters Aquarius on 19th December and stays there till till the end of the year.

Rahu is in Capricorn till 2nd November and then enters Sagittarius and stays there till the end of the year.

Ketu is in Cancer till 2nd November and then enters Gemini and stays there till the end of the year.

Mars is in Sagittarius till 27th January and then in Capricorn till it enters Aquarius on 7th March, Pisces on 14th April, Aries on 23rd May, Taurus on July 3rd, Gemini on 16th August, Cancer on 5th October and becomes retrograde in Cancer on 21st December and stays there till the end of the year.

During 2009, there are two solar and four lunar eclipses will occur.

2009 Jan 26th: Annular Solar Eclipse

2009 Feb. 09th: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

2009 Jul. 07th: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

2009 Jul 22nd: Total Solar Eclipse

2009 Aug. 06th: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

2009 Dec. 31st: Partial Lunar Eclipse

A total solar eclipse on July 7th and Saturn’s entry in Virgo in September is expected to make significant impact on world events. We have briefly discussed the implications in an earlier blog on Saturn entry in Virgo and will discuss again in details in future. For astrological predictions of transits on individual moon signs visit our full list of free 2009 horoscope services:

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