Leo 2011 Horoscope Astrology has major transits in 2011. Leo in 2011 will experience important life events based on major planetary transits. Leo for 2011 will see the following astrology transits and eclipses. Leo 2011 Horoscope predictions are provided in

Leo 2011 Horoscope Astrology Free Ebook.

We emphasize here that every individual is unique and his/her personality can only be judged accurately from his/her  horoscope based on his unique birth date, time and place of birth.  So, any 2011 horoscope (Moon sign or Sun sign based) can at best give only a broad outline. We recommend everyone that they should get their individual 2011 forecast analyzed in a personalized manner based on their horoscope/birth chart . For details, see our affordable fees.

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Major Planetary transits for Leo 2011 are:

Jupiter enters Aries on 8th May 2011

Saturn enters  Libra 15th November 2011

Rahu enters Scorpio 6th June  2011

Ketu enters Taurus 6th June   2011

Leo 2011 will experience effects of major Eclipses in 2011  on

  1. 2011 Jan 04: Partial Solar Eclipse,
  2. 2011 Jun 01: Partial Solar Eclipse,
  3. 2011 Jun 15: Total Lunar Eclipse,
  4. 2011 Jul 01: Partial Solar Eclipse,
  5. 2011 Nov 25: Partial Solar Eclipse,
  6. 2011 Dec 10: Total Lunar Eclipse

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