Gemini 2017 Astrology Predictions

Gemini 2017 Astrology Predictions
For Gemini 2017, Jupiter will be in fourth house till September 2017 and then move to fifth house. Saturn will be in sixth house till October 2017 and will move to seventh house for next three years. Rahu and Ketu will be in third and ninth house respectively till August 2017, after which they will move to second and eight house for next 18 months. Saturn will have a short transit in seventh house from January 2017 which will last till June.
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Gemini 2017 may enjoy an year of sucess in work and attainment of wealth and prosperity especially those in Venus or Mars dasha. 2017 may be an excellent year, a year of great progress. Support & growth may come in from all directions. Matters related to land may sort out before August 2017 and you may invest in real estate. Chances of getting into a relationship is highly possible and married couples may be blessed with children.
Jupiter transit for Gemini 2017:
Transit Jupiter for Gemini is likely to be auspicious throughout 2017. Its transit over your fourth and fifth house maybe excellent for work and relationships. Transit Jupiter in sidereal Virgo may focus on family and property and may lead to activity for materialistic pursuits where gain in property is seen and chances of getting promotion is high. Transit Jupiter till August may make you work for family and property related matters.Jupiter transit in second half of year 2017 may focus on relationships and chances of getting into a relationship may be very high.Jupiter transit over your fifth house lead to financial gains and likely increase in friends circle.

Saturn transit for Gemini 2017:
Transit Saturn may favor professionsl advancement for Gemini 2017. Transit Saturn may give some health problems. Financial gains through service & sectors abroad is possible this year. You may get long-awaited promotion. Saturn transit in 7th may resolve some issues on hold since 2014. Saturn may put restrictions on plans of marriage.

Rahu and Ketu transit for Gemini 2017:

Transit Rahu in 3rd house may prove beneficial this year with win over competitors. It may also bless with business opportunity.
Rahu transits in second house from August may be mixed in nature where sudden gain/loss in wealth may result. It can cause health and mental problems especially if moon is weak in natal chart.Transit Ketu in 9th house may cause health problems for Father. Ketu’s transit over ineight house from August may not be good for health and if passing through Dasha of Mars or Moon, then chances of getting injury is likely high.

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