Virgo 2017 Astrology

Virgo 2017 Astrology : Virgo 2017 Astrology has Saturn, the lord of fifth and sixth house , taking control of personal life, health and mental state during this year. The planet may bring a change in your life. Jupiter, the fourth and seventh house lord, is likely to bless the year bringing expansion and balance in all areas of life including finance, children, education, marital life and fame. Rahu in eleventh house in September would be positive and may give growth.

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Overall, 2017 may bring peace, prosperity and popularity in life.As per Virgo 2017 horoscope, good results after September and many opportunities in life to achieve success in undertakings. Opponents may try to trouble but after September, they may not have any effect.

A positive change in career possible either through a job change or due to relocation. Financial position may be difficult during April, second fortnight of August and December, care advised i starting any new business or taking big decisions related to career.Health of mother could be low. Father may be fine mostly, however, during the period until end of January and between June and October,parents may need care as they may suffer from low immunity or health complications.

Though the year may not appear to be much positive in the beginning, but  2017 can be much rewarding in the second half and towards the end of the year. First half of the year could be a little demanding, but improvements may come about thereafter. Marriage related matters and domestic problems may keep bothered in the first half of the year but  things may improve as the year progresses and domestic bliss will be back eventually. Longing for financial gains may be realized after September 2017 when Jupiter and Rahu, the dragon’s head change signs. There may be substantial jump in the finances. There will be a significant increase in income. The path to happiness may not be too smooth this year, thus be prepared for occasional vicissitudes.

Your personal predictions based on your birthdata are available daily (both by Vedic and Western Astrology) at  Virgo 2017 Daily Horoscope Astrology


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