Pisces November

November 2012 Pisces Horoscope and Astrology by Sun Sign

Birthday: March 14th to April 12th (Indian Astrology) or February 19th to March 20th (Western Astrology)

Pisces is the twelfth sign of the Zodiac, ruled by Jupiter. In Vedic astrology, last pada (of the four) or parts of Purvabhadrapada , Uttarabhadrapada and Revati nakshatras are covered by this Zodiac sign. In Sidereal Astrology (that is in Vedic or Indian Astrology), Sun is in this sign from roughly March 14th to April 12th, while according to Western astrology corresponding to Tropical zodiac, sun covers this sign from February 19th to March 20th. To learn more visit Pisces Astrology and Pisces Compatibility

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November 2012 Pisces (Meena) Horoscope
November 2012 would bring in challenges still. Your position could slide during this period both professionally and socially. Caution in public dealings is important.
Hurdles for self and spouse would exist during this month too. As you might be low of energy & ideas, stress would be felt. You need to remain calm and let things take their own time & position. It would be useful not to try & force the pace of things in life at this stage.

A certain amount of dynamism and activity would run through now after the 9th. It would bring in a new spark in you to make things happen.
Luck for you is about to change. Just work hard and let things happen.
Throughout the month there would be chances that you will feel an unknown fear. It might aggravate after the 8th November 2012. Don’t let this feeling psyche you out. As long as you are steady and do not take a sudden wrong step, no real issue would be encountered.

Career will be in a sort of flux and cause worry. Do not give up or have doubts. Progress would come about in a couple of months. At this stage just work evenly and steadily. You will find a new dynamism for work after the 9th November 2012. This will help turn around the hurdles at work. Luck would rise and substantial financial gains would become possible.

Work environment would be tough and difficult till the 15th November 2012. Some petty situations at work might have to be encountered. Improvement & overall rise would come about after the 16thNovember 2012. Avoid any form of fights at work till you cross the 16th November 2012 at least.
Coworkers would not be very helpful now. There could be opposition of ideas from team. You run chances of being let down by your team. Avoid delegation too much work. Avoid any form of conflict.

Love life will not be very exciting this month. There would be issues and misunderstandings this month. Some improvements would come after the 17th November 2012.  It is a low key month for love life this month.
Relationships would also see uncertainty. Some words said unknowingly could cause controversy with partner. You should be very careful how you deal with your partner after the 8th November 2012.

Marriages would also undergo stress. Ego hassles with spouse could exist till the 16th. Health of spouse could make spouse short tempered too. Better prospects in marital matters after the 17th November 2012. Ensure you don’t get into verbal conflict with spouse at all during this period.

Money matters will be positive. You will find adequate luck and growth in finances. Decent gains would be made. Liquidity would be poor after the 8th this month.
Income would be average.
Investments should be avoided. Chances of error of judgment present this month..

Family life will be quite happy this month. Avoid any form of controversy on your paternal side. Health will be poor till the 15th November 2012 due to low stamina & energy. A positive turn around after the 16th November 2012 will put health back into shape.

Students will be worried and stressed about results as well as new assignments. Avoid any forms of distractions this month after the 8th November 2012.

We emphasize, that every individual is unique and his destiny can only be judged accurately from his Vedic horoscope based on his unique birth date, time and place of birth. Any monthly horoscope (Moon sign or Sun sign based) can at best give only a broad outline.

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