We make decisions all the time. There are always a few decisions at any moment that consume our vital energy causing stress and we look for guidance. We feel like we have no control at these times. Decisioncare will use scientific principles of Vedic Astrology for guiding decision making in these situations.

Our experience with decision making in our own personal lives as well as in those of thousands of others who have come in contact with us verifies the truth of Vedic astrology. We do not hesitate to use the words “scientific principles”, as we are all accomplished professionals in natural, social and biological sciences as well as Vedic astrology. We see no difference in the inner workings of these varied subjects of human knowledge. We strongly believe that astrological services are essential services, no less important than health or educational services and should be available to all so that there is less stress in day to day decision making.

Vedic astrology emphasizes that time and location of an event guides its future destined evolution. The event may be of any kind: for example, it may be the time at which a particular thought or a question arises in ones’ mind or the time of birth of a person or an organization. Vedic astrology provides a set of reliable calculation-based diagnostic tools as in medical sciences to analyze this information on the origin of the event. These diagnostics provide a glimpse of things to happen in future. Like other natural or medical science studies, the Vedic diagnostic studies, if properly interpreted, can guide towards appropriate decision making.

There are many questions that come to our mind:

  • Long spells of financial distress.
  • Failure in Profession
  • Marital difficulties
  • Childlessness
  • Prolonged illness, accidents
  • Business Investment failure and success
  • Relationship with family members
  • And the list goes on.

Principles of Vedic astrology enable us to understand our life events in a well-defined perspective.

Based on our beliefs, we at DecisionCare have resolved to provide affordable, fast and reliable astrological services to all in need (the low contributions hardly cover the quality and cost of the services). The subsidized contributions go towards development of  a CyberInfrastructure for  Astrological Research and   free online “DecisionCare Astrology”  tools. You can easily create an account below and join our millions of users to experience astrological decision making by using modern tools of artificial intelligence and machine learning. People can appreciate the significance of astrology in their lives only when they directly experience its impact.  We wish to share our experience and knowledge with all in such a way that it benefits all who need or desire care in decision making.

Currently there is no institutional or government support for astrological services similar to that for health or education. We have undertaken the present task to educate everyone around the globe about the importance of Vedic astrology and its potential great impact on his/her physical, mental, social and spiritual life. We welcome and urge all to join us in this effort by direct contribution in any form ( thoughtful articles, generous financial donations or any other innovative way).

Please feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions. We do not want anyone to be thwarted by the cost or the complexities of the subject and be deprived of its wonderful benefits.

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