FREE Astrology Horoscope August Gala at DecisionCare

DecisionCare will hold FREE Astrology Horoscope Monthly Gala Event for the benefit of its members on the first of every month. To participate in this event,

  1. You must be a DecisionCare Member (For Free Membership Click Here)
  2. Must have Completed Member Profile (At least Basic Info and Astrology)
  3. Uploaded Photo
  4. Preferably, must have active friends or invited friends at DecisionCare Members site. More friends give better chances to receive free answer.

In each Monthly Gala Event, answers will be provided by our astrologers free to a group of randomly selected DecisionCare Members based on horary astrology.

Members can forward to us their questions (only one question per member at eah monthly gala please) at with the email subject title “DecisionCare August Gala Event” any time earlier. However, members must be online during the event to receive their answer.

Since our membership is worldwide, the hour long event will take place twice during that day at two different time slots at 2 AM GMT and 2 PM GMT (10 PM/10 AM EST, 7:30 AM/7:30 PM IST) .

For August, this event will take place on 1st August 2009, 2 AM GMT and 2 PM GMT (In US, 1st August 10 AM & 10 PM EST, in India, 7:30 PM 1st August & 7:30 AM 2nd August). Please find your corresponding local time. If you have any comments, please contact us at

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