Thaipusam 2010 Astrology

Thaipusam (Thaipooyam, Thaipoosam) falls on 30th January, 2010 this year.  It is a full moon  ( also pooyam ) day as usual. But this year the full moon  (poornima) is a Super moon and has special significance. It is  no doubt during Makaram (January-February) in the Tamil month of Thai and in the Malayalam months of Makaram and in Medam.  But the Full Moon is also at its perigee point, when it is nearest to the Earth, and hence called Super Moon. The Moon will appear larger than normal. The astrology of Thaipusam (Thaipooyam, Thaipoosam) also has  significant impact because of important conjunctions and aspects.

The Super moon conjuncts retrograde (Vakri) Mars (Mangala, Kuja) which is debilitated (Neecha) and Sun which is in opposition to this conjunction point is conjunct with Venus. Individuals with planets at these critical points in their horoscopes should consult Indian astrology for significant upcoming events.

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