2009 News is yet to happen. But everyone is eager to know. What will happen to their personal fortune, health, career, investment and love life in 2009? What will happen to the economy and nation?
Vedic Astrology can provide a glimpse of it in terms of planetary transits for 2009. These transits broadly spell out the major influences. But every individual is unique in terms of his birth time, birth date and birth place, every nation is unique, every economy is unique. These transits must be interpreted for each and every particular situation. DecisionCare is here to do the job for all. We provide the transit information, we provide broad implication for every zodiac sign (though not for every individual horoscope).

Here is the 2009 news predictions for every zodiac sign:

2009 News Aries

2009 News Taurus

2009 News Gemini

2009 News Cancer

2009 News Leo

2009 News Virgo

2009 News Libra

2009 News Scorpio

2009 News Sagittarius

2009 News Capricorn

2009 News Aquarius

2009 News Pisces

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