Lagna Kundli is the kundali ( or horoscope) constructed by taking the zodiac sign rising at the eastern horizon as the lagna (or ascendant or first house) at the time of the event. If the event is birth of a child, then the lagna kundli is known as Janma Patri ( Janam Patri, Janam kundali) or birth chart or horoscope. Lagna Kundali is different from Rasi Kundali. In Rashi Kundli, the rashi in which moon is posited is treated as the first house. For birth chart, in Rasi Kundali, Janma rashi becomes the first house. For Kundali matching both janma kundali and Rasi Kundali are important. Free Kundli often found for daily astrological forecast are based on rasi kundali. These free Kundali try to make predictions based on the position of moon sign on that day.

In a janma Kundali, lagna or the first house is the most important house. According to Vedic Astrology, lagna represents the person himself and his body, appearance, health, Personality, Complexion, Awareness (internal or external), Respect, Reputation,Longevity, Karma, Dharma (Duties), Destiny, Character, Temperament, Capabilities, Memory and the person as a whole.

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