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Decision making is essential to living. There are always a few decisions at any moment that consume our vital energy causing stress and we look for guidance. We feel like we have no control at these times. Scientific principles of Vedic Astrology can  guide decision making in these situations.

Our experience with decision making in our own personal lives as well as in those of thousands of others who have come in contact with us verifies the truth of Vedic astrology. We do not hesitate to use the words “scientific principles”, as we are all accomplished professionals in natural, social and biological sciences as well as Vedic astrology.  We see no difference in the inner workings of these varied subjects of human knowledge. We strongly believe that astrological services are essential services, no less important than health or educational services and should be available to all so that there is less stress in day to day decision making.

Currently there is no institutional or government support for astrological services similar to that for health or education. We urge all our readers and members to undertake the present task to educate everyone around the globe about the importance of Vedic astrology and its potential great impact on his/her physical, mental, social and spiritual life.  Our readers and members can contribute to this effort

  • by promoting astrology articles on  social bookmarking and networking sites like twitter, delicious, stumbleupon etc..  and initiating a healthy discussion among friends  on the importance of providing astrological services to all.
  • by writing thoughtful articles for others to read on astrological websites. We welcome such articles from our readers.
  • by generous financial donations to so that other less fortunate ones  can experience and appreciate the significance of astrology in their lives. No one should be  thwarted by the cost or the complexities of the subject and be deprived of its wonderful benefits.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions. We urge all to contribute and promote Astrology.

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