March 2009 Astronomy

March 2009 Astronomical Events significant for Astrological Predictions are listed here. This column  appears every month for our readers with interest in astronomy.
All times Universal Time (UT). USA Eastern Standard Time = UT – 5 hours, Indian Standard Time= UT+ 5:30 hours

March Dates Astronomical Event
2nd                    Mercury 0.59° from Mars at 0h UT

3rd                    Moon near the Pleiades at  8h UT

7th                    Moon at perigee (closest to Earth) at 15h UT

8th                    Saturn at opposition (opposite the Sun) at 20h UT. The ringed planet is at its brightest (mag. +0.5)

10th                  Moon near Saturn at 22h UT (midnight sky).

11th                  Full Moon at 2:38 UT. (Holi Purnima)

19th                  Moon at apogee (farthest from Earth) at 13h UT

20th                 Spring or vernal equinox at 11:45 UT
22nd                  Moon near Jupiter at 21h UT

24th                 Moon near Mars at 10h UT
26th                 New Moon at 16:00 UT.

27th                 Venus at inferior conjunction with the Sun at 17h UT. The brightest planet passes into the morning sky.

31st                 Mercury at superior conjunction with the Sun at 3h UT. The planet passes into the evening sky.

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