Connecting Decisions – Watch Night Sky

Here is a link to a view of the sky from HubbleSite. Enjoy the cosmic sightseeing made possible by the modern technology. A wonderful guide to constellations, deep sky objects and events.

Learn about the objects that Astrologers claim influence your life and decisions. Try to see if you can relate these to the microscopic genome in you which medical experts say influence you. One set of objects, planets far away from you on the zodiac, the other set, genes deep inside you, distributed in each and everyone of your cells.

Can you connect both of these sets and more than that both of these sets to your own individual entity and its total functioning? Difficult, isn’t it? For some, it may even be mindless to try. Genes may be logical but stars and planets, perhaps, far-fetched.

But that’s how science has been in all ages. It needs faith to look beyond. Ask those who feel the connection and then seek for yourself.

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