5 Stock Trading Essentials for 2009

Stock Trading has become increasingly widespread in this decade with the introduction of discount trading brokers and online trading activity. Stock trading volumes have surged and online day trading has come to common individual. Ironically, however, in stead of accumulating wealth and realizing dreams of opulence, people have suffered extended wild swings of euphoria and despair, often more despair than euphoria. Perhaps there are some basic guiding principles missing. Guided by Vedic Astrology tenets, we outline 5 stock trading essentials that an individual must rely on always and especially in 2009 if he/she or wants to make profit by Stock Trading.

1. Remember always, you will be wealthy only if it is in you horoscope. Stock market swings look very attractive, when an individual is watching from outside. It is easy to imagine being on the right side of the market swing, and feeling sorry about missing the “wealth”. However, it is individual’s own destiny that decides whether he/she can be wealthy during a particular period or not; it has nothing to do with if the stock market is going up or down. This simple fact is often overlooked by one and all. Consult your astrologer to find if stock market is profitable for you before you put your savings and wealth in it.

2. Select Stocks Compatible with your horoscope. There is a lot written about stock picking and stock selection criteria. Some of these are general quantitative assessment rules and should be followed. The stocks that will make gain/loss for you, however, are associated with your horoscope. It is very essential to judge their compatibility with you. Stocks have horoscopes too. They are also entities that are born and disappear. Be careful in identifying stocks that are compatible with you with no less care than as done for marriage compatibility by astrology. Take advice from an astrologer to check compatibility with your horoscope of stocks that you wish to trade.

3. Select the Muhurta (auspicious time) to buy or sell. For success in any effort, selection of auspicious moment or muhurta is essential by electional astrology. A single trade can bring you more profit than all the profits that can be gathered from continual day trading. It is important to select trading time astrologically.

4.Know your own life Calendar well. It is important to know your own dasha/mahadasha periods and transits very well to guide your action. Your trading should be guided by your own calendar rather than the ups and downs of the stock market. “It is a good time to invest”, Cliches like this carry no meaning. Your own life calendar, based on your Vedic Horoscope is what should decide your action. It is extremely important to bear this in mind.

5. Select your astrologer carefully as you select your stocks. It is essential that you are careful in selecting your astrologer because his/her integrity, honesty and capability provides you guidance just like that of an experienced financial advisor. Stock selection alone cannot fetch wealth. It is stocks’ compatability to you, selection of trading time and guidance by an able astrologer based on your unique life calendar that will make profits for you.

These 5 stock trading for profit essentials should guide an individual whether it be time of stock market prosperity or time of current global financial crisis and stock market crashes.

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