Solar Month Calendar Vedic

Vedic Solar Month Calendar is Hindu solar month calendar starting on April 14–15 each year. It corresponds to Sidereal Sunentry into Aries (Mesha rashi) and is celebrated as the New Year in Assam, Bengal, Orissa, Manipur, Kerala, Punjab, Tamil Nadu and Tripura. This first month is Chitterai in Tamil, Medam in Malayalam and Baisakh in Bengali and Punjabi. Outside India,  solar new year begins on the same day also in Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Nepal and Thailand due to Hindu influence. Sun signs from Tamil Zodiac are Mesham, Rishabam, Midhunam, Kadakam, Simmam, Kanni, Thulam, Vruchikam, Dhanusu, Maharam, Kumbham, and Meenam which closely resemble the Malayalam months.

You can find today’s sun sign, moon sign, nakshatram, the auspicious moments of the day and your vedic horoscope all for free at In the table here, name of the corresponding solar months in different systems are listed.

Months in Malayalam Era In Malayalam Gregorian Calendar Tamil calendar Saka era
Chingam ചിങ്ങം August- September Aavani-Purattasi Sravan- Bhadrapada
Kanni കന്നി September-October Purattasi-Aippasi Bhadrapada – Asvina
Thulam തുലാം October-November Aippasi – Karthigai Asvina – Kartika
Vrishchikam വൃശ്ചികം November-December Karthigai – Margazhi Kartika – Agrahayana
Dhanu ധനു December-January Margazhi – Thai Agrahayana – Pausa
Makaram മകരം January-February Thai – Maasi Pausa – Magha
Kumbham കുംഭം February-March Maasi – Panguni Magha – Phalguna
Meenam മീനം March-April Panguni – Chithtrai Phalguna – Chaitra
Medam മേടം April-May Chithtrai – Vaikasi Chaitra – Vaisakha
Edavam ഇടവം May-June Vaikasi- Aani Vaisakha – Jyaistha
Midtunam മിഥുനം June-July Aani – Aadi Jyaistha – Asada
Karkadakam കര്‍ക്കടകം July-August Aadi – Aavani Asada – Sravana

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