Cancer October

October 2012 Cancer Horoscope and Astrology by Sun Sign

Cancer Birthday: July 16th to August 15th (Indian Astrology) or June 22 to July 22 (Western Astrology)

Cancer is the fourth sign of the Zodiac, ruled by Moon. In Vedic astrology, last pada (one of the four) of Punarvasu, Pushya and Ashlesha nakshatras are covered by this Zodiac sign. In Sidereal Astrology (that is in Vedic or Indian Astrology), Sun is in this sign from roughly July 16th to August 15th, while according to Western astrology corresponding to Tropical zodiac, sun covers this sign from June 22 to July 22. To learn more visit Cancer Astrology and Cancer Compatibility

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october 2012 Cancer (Karkata) Horoscope

Loss of money, financial worries, fear, and unhappiness are the main indications of this month. You may be cheated by others and may become obstinate. Anxiety due to deceitful nature of others. Avoid the company of mean persons. Quarrel with relatives and friends. You may experience being unsuccessful in undertakings. Your temperament may become harsh toward others. Headache and eye troubles may bring some extra expenses. Property and resources may be adversely affected.

We emphasize, that every individual is unique and his destiny can only be judged accurately from his Vedic horoscope based on his unique birth date, time and place of birth. Any monthly horoscope (Moon sign or Sun sign based) can at best give only a broad outline.

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