Capricorn November

November 2012 Capricorn Horoscope and Astrology by Sun Sign

Birthday: January 14th to February 12th (Indian Astrology) or December 22 to January 19th (Western Astrology)

Capricorn is the tenth sign of the Zodiac, ruled by Saturn. In Vedic astrology, last three pada (of the four) or parts of Uttarashada , Shravana and first two padas of Dhanishta nakshatras are covered by this Zodiac sign. In Sidereal Astrology (that is in Vedic or Indian Astrology), Sun is in this sign from roughly January 14th to February 12th, while according to Western astrology corresponding to Tropical zodiac, sun covers this sign from December 22 to January 19th. To learn more visit Capricorn Astrology and Capricorn Compatibility

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November 2012 Capricorn (Makara) Horoscope

An exceptional month continues. Your star is on the rise and there is all round support to make things happen. Career, education, family & general luck smiles upon you.
This month will see new wave of ideas and hard work which will help you realize your dreams. Authority would rise and as long as you use this authority for the benefit of others and fairly, you will make exceptional progress.

You should tap your sources in high positions now. This month is useful to get gains.
A tendency to be over aggressive and angry would come about from the 9th November 2012. You need to keep a lid on your anger as it might have negative repercussions on your health.
An exceptional financial gain from career could come after the 17th November 2012 to about 25thNovember 2012. Keep a lookout for special things this month.

Career will be in an explosive mode. You will make a lot of progress. Efforts to tap people in government or high positions would pay well this month. Certain blocks might come at work after the 17th November 2012 but existing projects should do very well in the second half.
Work environment will be very beneficial. You will gain from coworkers. A short romance could build up at work.
Coworkers would come up with some very creative and great ideas. Listen to your team and delegate work as that would be useful.

Love life will be great till the 16th November 2012. You will be experiencing a lot of physical desire while you might not be very attuned emotionally. A short romance possible, till the 16th. Blocks due to ego and career pressures possible after the 17th November 2012.

Existing relationship will see a hectic social calendar. Ego & work pressures could spoil the outlook after the 17th November 2012.
Marriages will also see a very hectic social period. Spouse might be in an erratic and unsteady mode after the 8th. It would be useful to avoid controversy.

Money matters will be exceptional in terms of gains. Very substantial inflows possible this month too. Expenses could rise after the 9th November 2012. Be cautious about wasteful expenses.
Income will be very high. You should make the most of this period.
Investments will give you great returns. Avoid any form of speculation. All well thought out investments will give you gains.

Family life will be happy and positive. Children will do well.
Health will be quite good. You need to control your anger however.

Students would do exceptionally well. Blocks due to pressures in other areas could spoil studies. You need a clear focus to ensure studies are good.

We emphasize, that every individual is unique and his destiny can only be judged accurately from his Vedic horoscope based on his unique birth date, time and place of birth. Any monthly horoscope (Moon sign or Sun sign based) can at best give only a broad outline.

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