Astrology and Career Decisions

All of us are involved with making career decisions, often several times in life. An ideal approach to selecting a career is to evaluate ones’ strengths and weaknesses, inner feelings, determination and potential and then choose the appropriate “fulfilling” career. This in itself is a fairly complex and difficult task to accomplish. Vedic astrology provides us very accurate insight into the inner potential of an individual based on his/her birth chart and can direct towards suitable career decisions.

However, as we all know, career of a person is also strongly determined by the opportunities that come to a person. These are beyond the control of the individual. Circumstances (and these are of innumerable variety) determine the evolution of an individual career path and direction. Every individual career is marked with periods of critical action, satisfaction as well as anguish and disruption. For some these periods are short while for others they are prolonged and intense. There are many who are always faced with career decisions, looking for a new career, change in a career, progress in present career ans so on. Vedic astrology has unique timing methods to capture evolution of individual career path and direction. Planetary transit system combined with mahadasa delineation can provide accurate glimpse of what is to come in time and thus aid in career decision making.

We at DecisionCare aim to take the “stress” out of career decisions as much as possible for all persons around the globe at an affordable cost based on our Vedic astrological analysis. We can time these crucial career events so that the individual can be aware of career scenarios and enjoy and face them as they evolve.

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