Legal Career Choice

Legal Career Choice is much cherished in Career Planning. Many graduating students often wish to apply for law schools in to be lawyers, attorneys and judges in future. Indian astrology can provide guidance to these students regarding whether attorney careers are suitable for them, whether that should be their career path.

Law is intellectual profession. Jupiter governs law. Strong 5th house and 5th lord is essential for intellectual activity. Airy signs like Gemini, Libra and Aquarius need to be prominent. To be a judge, Saturn, the giver of justice must be strong. Mercury governing mental and physical communication should be strong too. Mars regulating energy, initiative and logic should also be powerful. In addition, there should be an association between these strong planets and the 10th house and 6th house and their lords. Tenth house is the house of profession and sixth house is the house of courts, crime, enemies with which legal professionals often have to deal with. With all these factors taken into account, an individual’s Vedic hooscope must be carefully analyzed for predicting legall career choices.

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