Lunar Eclipse Astrology February 2009

A penumbral lunar eclipse will take place on February 9, 2009, the first of four penumbral lunar eclipses in 2009. Best visibility of the eclipse will be over most of Asia, the Western US, Mexico and throughout the Pacific region. Exact astronomical details of this lunar  eclipse is available from NASA .  The exact eclipse timings are

Penumbral Eclipse Begins:  12:38:46 UT
Greatest Eclipse:          14:38:15 UT
Penumbral Eclipse Ends:	   16:37:40 UT

The planetary positions at the time of eclipse are shown in the attached table.


Lunar eclipses occur on the full moon (purnima) and are of three types: total, partial and penumbral. A total lunar eclipse is when the Moon entirely passes through the earth’s dark shadow or umbra, which means “shaded area.” A partial lunar eclipse is when the Moon partially passes through the umbra. A penumbral lunar eclipse is when the Moon passes outside the umbra in a region called the penumbra, which means “almost shaded area.” The penumbra receives some partial rays of the Sun, which makes the penumbral lunar eclipse the weakest of the three types and is very difficult to detect, even with a telescope.

Once again, the eclipse is along capricorn-cancer axis like the earlier January solar eclipse. Debilitated Jupiter and Exalted Mars are also in capricorn which is in the sixth from retrograde Saturn, the lord of zodiac sign Capricorn. The Capricorn and Cancer born will experience major changes in their lives.

As we mentioned in our earlier blogs on solar eclipse,  eclipse points are in essence “energy junctions”. Whether the energy is manifested positively or negatively depends on the position of the ascendant and other planets with reference to the eclipse point. For example, for Gemini and Sagittarius born, the eclipse is in 2nd-8th house axis; for some it is in 22nd Drekkana and 64th Navamsa, indicating health and financial, family life concerns.

We advise all, especially, Capricorn, Cancer, Gemini and Sagittarius born to get their horoscopes analyzed for the influence of the 2009 February  eclipse in their lives.

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