New Years Eve 2010 Lunar Eclipse

New Years eve is for new year eve party and new year eve dinner, full of new year events. But 2010 new year’s eve celebrations will be marked by a full moon Lunar Eclipse evening. Such celestial events are rare, the next full moon on new year eve will be only in 2028 and next new year eve lunar eclipse (chandra grahan) will be even further away. So it may be time to watch new year fireworks in sky as well as new year celebrations on earth. Some zodiac signs should be extra careful and all drunk drivers be worried about  Moon-Ketu association on this lunar eclipse.

The lunar eclipse details are as follows
The partial eclipse will begin at 18:51:38 UT and end just over one hour later at 19:53:51 UT, with the moment of greatest eclipse at 19:22:41 UT. The penumbral phases of the eclipse begin at 17:15:18 UT and end at 21:30:07 UT; these will be visible over a slightly larger area.

The partial lunar eclipse of December 31 2009 will be visible over most of Asia, Australasia, Europe, and Africa.

Its effect on different zodiac moon signs, sun signs and ascendant are listed in our blogs listed below. (If you want to find these sensitive points in your birth chart and your free Vedic horoscope, please visit our member site

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