Commodities Trading 2009 Predictions

Commodities Trading Predictions guidelines are helpful to a commodities trader for 2009 profitable trading. Buying and selling of Gold, Silver, other metals like Copper, Agricultural Commodities like Wheat, Corn, Cotton, Coffee, Cocoa, Financial instruments like T-bonds and Currencies, Crude Oil, all transactions either in cash or futures trading can be guided for profitable trading by a Vedic Astrologer.

Here are some of the combinations from Vedic astrology for dealing with metals. Jupiter is karaka for gold, the Moon for silver; Venus for textiles, Saturn for lower metals, Ketu for weapons and some combinations for gems.

To buy gold :

  • Jupiter in Lagna, Sun in 11th, Moon in 7th or 10th.
  • Sun in 10th, Venus in 11th, Moon in Lagna and Jupiter in 2nd.
  • As a rule avoid Kumbha Lagna and choose moveable ones with 9th, 5th and 8th free of occupation.
  • In addition, buying gold with Mercury in Lagna and Mars in 10th will lead to its loss through theft

Few more combinations for buying gold :

  • Jupiter occupying Lagna that is not his debilitation or enemy sign and his own Navamsa.
  • Vargottama Jupiter in Lagna, Mercury and Venus in Kendra.
  • Exalted Jupiter

For buying silver:

  • Moon and Venus in the same Navamsa rising at the eastern horizon
  • That Lagna which has Venus and Sun together in the same Navamsa and is trine to it.
  • Venus and Saturn in the same Navamsa rising.
  • Venus in his exaltation degree rising, Jupiter occupying 7th and Sun, 11th.

Few miscellaneous combinations:

  • Buy metals like copper when the Sun and Saturn in the same Navamsa rises.
  • Buy vehicles and weapons when Venus and Ketu together in the sam Navamsa rise.
  • Buy gems when Saturn rises in i exaltation degree, Jupiter and Venus occupying 7th
  • Invest in securities and cattle when Jupite occupies 7th, Venus Lagna, and Moon 11th.
  • Invest in securities, gems and cattle when Jupiter occupies Lagna, and Saturn 7th.
  • Store grains when Venus in Saturn’s Navamsa rises.

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