Synastry: Love and Relationship Astrology

Synastry or astrological copmpatability is the branch of astrology that studies love and relationship between individuals by examining their natal horoscopes. Synastry is used in all astrological traditions, be it Vedic Astrology, Western Astrology or Chinese Astrology. We have emphasized in our earlier blogs that Sign Compatibility , as promoted by online astrology based on sun or moon sign alone, is no more than a a quick fix for Synastry. In Vedic astrology, complete elaborate horoscope compatability matching techniques are outlined.
Vedic astrology emphasizes that every individual is unique and his/her personality can only be judged accurately from his/her Vedic horoscope based on his unique birth date, time and place of birth. So Compatibility determination based on sun or moon sign alone can not give a correct answer.

Compatibility for partnership, marriage or otherwise, can be predicted only by Janma Nakshatra (Constellation), Janma Rasi (natal moon), Kutas and consideration of both horoscopes. These issues are discussed in great length in our blogs on 5 marriage compatibility essentials, and marriage compatibility. Vedic astrology provides amazingly accurate compatibility between two persons. Consult our astrological services (affordable fees) for determination of true compatibility between two persons.

One component of compatibility matching, which has to be examined as the first step, is Kuta Matching. In this method girl’s nakshatrais is matched to boy’s nakshatra by assigning a numerical score taking into account several factors discussed in our earlier bolgs on marriage compatibility. A matching table has been created and is often consulted for this part of compatibility matching. For example, if the girl’s moon is in Krittika (Nakshatra 3) in Aries and boy’s moon in Libra and Chitra 3rd quarter (Nakshatra 14), then the table (click the Koota_Matching.gif below to see the table) gives koota matching score of 27 Gunas. A minimum score of 18 Gunas is required before we proceed to consider in depth horoscope judgement for other aspects of Synastry or Compatibility Matching.


Synastry is an important subject in Indian Astrology and is given considerable attention.

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