Astrology July 2009 Eclipse

July 2009 has two eclipses: a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on 7th and a Tjuly7.jpgotal Solar Eclipse on 22nd July. The total solar eclipse of Jul 22, 2009 is the longest total solar eclipse that will occur in the twenty-first century, and will not be surpassed in duration until June 13, 2132. The planetary positions at the time of the Lunar Eclipse are shown in the first table and those at the time of total solar eclipse are shown in the second table.

The path of totality for this eclipse starts at sunrise on the west coast of India close to Surat, north of Mumbai. It crosses northern India and Bhutan and on into China which it crosses just north of latitude 30°. In eastern China the path includes Wuhan and, at the coast, Shanghai. The pathimage then crosses the East China Sea and some small Japanese islands to the south of Kyushu, the southern most main island of Japan. After this the path heads to the southeast across the Pacific where it encounters a few islands and atolls including Iwo Jima and some of the Marshall Islands before ending at sunset in the Pacific between the Northern and Southern Cook Islands.

At Surat on the coast of India and close to mid path the duration is 3 minutes and 14 seconds. The duration steadily increases to the east across India and China. As it leaves the east coast of China to the south of Shanghai its length will be a shade under 6 minutes. To the south of Japan it will last for a little under six and a half minutes. The greatest duration occurs some way further to the southeast, 6 minutes 39 seconds. The point where this occurs is just north of where the Sun will be overhead at local midday. The length of the eclipse then diminishes again as it travels southeast across the Pacific.

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A partial eclipse is visible from most of Asia south of about latitude 60° north, from northern parts of Indonesia and from New Guinea. Many of the island groups in the western Pacific will also sea partial eclipse, as far east as Hawaii in the north. The southern edge of the partial eclipse just touches the northern most part of York peninsula in Australia. Otherwise no part of the eclipse is visible from Australia nor New Zealand, although the southern edge of the partial eclipse is less than 30 kilometers to the northeast of North Cape and a little further form Cape Brett and East Cape.

Eclipse has significant effect when eclipse point is in the rasi or nakshatra of natal planets or near sensitive points in the horoscope. An Eclipse in the same rashi as another planet will affect the fortune of the person indicated by that planet whereas in the same nakshatra will affect the health of the individual indicated by that planet. The effects of an eclipse can be experienced around the time before or after the eclipse. If the luminary is placed before ascendant lord/sun/lord of the house, then the effects arise prior to the eclipse date.

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