Vasant Panchami January 2010

Vasant Panchami (Basant Panchami, Shree Panchami, shoroshshôti puja or Saraswati Puja) falls on 20th January 2010. This festival  is celebrated in Nepal, India and Bangladesh in honor of Saraswati, goddess of wisdom.Yellow colour is the color of  Vasant Panchami with Saraswati (sarasvatī, Sarasawatee) dressed in yellow garments and worshipped. Men and women wear yellow clothes on this day. Sweetmeats of yellowish hues are distributed. The white swan of Saraswati symbolizes Sattwa Guna (purity and discrimination).  Basant Panchmi is celebration of Saraswati, mother of Vedas and hence most auspicious for Vidya puja.

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