Vikram Samvat 2067, Vedic New Year for India

Vikram Samvat 2067, Vedic new year Vikruti (Vikriti, also known as Ugadi, Gudi Padwa) begins on 16th March 2:30 hrs. To judge the forecast for India, we note Sagittarius seventeen degrees is the rising ascendant in Delhi. Rahu is in Lagna. Other planets are situated as   Jupiter  in Aquarius( kumbha), Moon, Mercury, sun and venus in Pisces (Meena), Ketu in Gemini ( mithua), Mars in Cancer (Karkataka) and vakri(retrograde) Saturn  in Virgo. (kanya). Moon is in fourth pada of Poorvabhadrapada ruled by Jupiter. The rising lagna saigittarius is in eighth house from Indian Independence chart lagna Taurus.

Saturn transit through Virgo with opposition from Jupiter during the year, suggests drought in central part of country and Prime Minster leaves the post ( health/ death or likely opposition). There may be earthquakes, terrorist attacks, blasts and war. Mars is the ruler for the year.

As for Vedic Panchanga (ephemeris), the year has following rulership over different aspects of life

  • 1.King : Mars – Results in fighting in ruling party, Fear of accidents, and diseases
  • 2.Minister: Buddha – Windy weather, mediocre results, and bad actions
  • 3.Senadhipati or Commander Chief :Mars Diseases, Low yield of produce, amidst rulers
  • 4.Sasyaddhipati(Agriculture) : Saturn Black crops will give good yield.
  • 5.Dhanyadhipati (cereals) – Jupiter: Guru Good crops and dairy products
  • 6.Arghadhipati – Mars : Water Low rainfall , windy conditions and mixed produce yield.
  • 7.Meghadhipati (Clouds and Rains) – Mars : Windy conditions, Low rainfall , low yields.
  • 8.Rasadhipati – Moon : Dairy products , sugarcane will command good price
  • 9.Niirasadhipati – Venus : Gold , Camphor Agaru will command good prices.

Predominance of Mars rulership is not a sign of peace for the upcoming year.

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