Accident Timing and Injury Forecast

Accidents, be it car accident, train accident, air plane accident, work accident, horse accident, construction accident or auto accident, all come suddenly. Only preparation for accident has been accident insurance, auto insurance, travel insurance or some kind of insurance. No accident injury lawyer or accident attorney can mitigate the pain of accident injury, at best, no win no fee personal injury solicitor can get you injury compensation. Here we analyze how to be aware of future possible accidents based on one’s birth chart.

Accidents occur generally during the major or sub-periods of planets related to the 6th, 8th and 12th houses in a horoscope. Of these, the 8th house also known as a house of accident, is more important. The relationship may be due to lordship, occupation, aspect or conjunction. Accidents may also occur during the major and sub-periods of maraka and badhaka lords or planets posited therein. The planets that cause accidents are Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. Of these, Rahu plays a dominating role representing suddenness.

Accidents may also occur during the transit periods (gochara) of the above malefic planets who occupy or aspect malefic houses and also due to malefic positions of the transiting planets with reference to the natal Moon. There are certain inauspicious muhurta such as bad tithi, Nakshatra and Yoga which cause accidents if a journey is undertaken during their period.

Severity of the accident depends upon the adverse nature of the planetary combination. The stronger the adverse configuration of the planets,  more is the intensity of the accident. Further, accidents fall under two categories – those which lead to injury and those which lead to death. If the native belongs to the group of Purnayu and the native’s house of longevity is strong, he may escape death with injury. But if the native’s house of longevity is strong, he may escape death with injury whereas if the native’s house of longevity is afflicted then he may lose his life in the accident. Vedic Astrology can provide us an excellent understanding of the causes of accidents and their timing based on birth horoscope.

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