Genetics and Astrology in Healthcare Decisions

Disease identification via genetics is the recent trend in biotechnology research. Bioinformatics and gene expression microarray technologies support our current thinking that all our diseases and health problems are primarily “inherited in our genes”. Significant research is being directed towards decoding of individual human genome decoding. The aim is that we can create an encyclopedia of specific gene-disease state links. This current trend of genetics is fully in agreement with Vedic astrology and medicine practice.

Vedic astrology provides an extensive encyclopedia of disease states linking to planetary conditions at birth. Vedic and even ancient Greek medical experts were also experts in astrology. They used astrological principles to guide their medical and healthcare decisions. The astrological chart at the time of birth determines the health conditions of an individual. These health conditions manifeste as the individual lives his life through different time periods of his life as predicted by chart. The astrological chart thus provides a powerful diagnostic tool for healthcare decision making.

The theoretical connection between genetics and astrology remains to be established and perhaps will be done satisfactorily as medical science and physics advance.

But for the time being, we must exploit the connections that we observe and use astrology and genetics both in deciding about disease handling by individuals trained in both branches of science.

Our goal at DecisionCare is to bring this vast knowledge of Vedic astrology in human healthcare decision making to all around the globe in a affordable manner via individuals who are trained in both branches of science. We will take up this subject in great depth in our future blogs and welcome constructive critical contributions from all.

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