Astrology Software, Internet and Belief

Astrology Software can be downloaded free, without cost from many web sites. These software calculate the horoscopes, based both on Western or Indian astrology (also known as Vedic Astrology) and provide many other related calculations.
These stand alone packages have led to easy use of Horary astrology, Asthakavarga, Divisional charts (Navamsa, Dasamsa, Dwadasamsa etc..), Vimsottari dasha, Kalachakra dasha, Yogini dasha, Jaimini dasha and Chara Dasha. It has become easy to analyze both Parashari and Jaimini astrology simultaneously. One can even look into Tajaka and Varshaphal (solar return) for many years all at the same time. All the Rajyogas from Lagna and Arudha Lagnas can also be displayed with shadbalas of yoga karaka planets.

With Internet, one can access an astrologer twenty-four hours, seven days a week. The cost of astrological services has been reduced to affordable rates, thus making this once esoteric knowledge accessible to all. This has been precisely the goal with which DecisionCare has been started. Most of the classical astrological literature is easily available on the Internet to those who are interested. There are now universities and institutes which even award degrees in astrology though the number of such places is currently limited.

Individuals should take advantage of these easily available opportunities on the web to test the truths of astrology in their own lives in an unprejudiced manner and see if it works or not. Answer for yourself these questions which arise again and again in our minds,

  • How can Indian astrology be true?
  • How can there be a connection between planets and future?
  • They don

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