Mars Saturn Conjunction

Mars and Saturn are said to be in conjunction when they are in the same house, especially when they’re close to one another. Mars aligns with Saturn roughly once in two years. However, occasionally, due to retrograde motion of one or both the planets, such alignments will occur just a few months apart. In this conjunction Mars and Saturn  influence each other. For example, in this case of Mars-Saturn conjunction, Mars is a planet of energy, aggressiveness, anger, conflicts, dispute, and agitation. Whereas, Saturn is the planet of suffering, trouble, delays, obstacles and obstructions. Such influences of the planets are tempered by the sign in which they are located. In Mundane astrology, this conjunction brings forth some form of widespread misery. The Mars-Saturn conjunction of 1968 took place just two weeks before the My Lai Massacre.

On the positive side, this conjunction is a time when you can use your energies constructively. Any tendency shown elsewhere in your chart to act on impulse is tempered with restraint now due to the effect of Saturn. This produces capacity for hard work, enduring strength and resourcefulness. On the negative side, this conjunction often produces a tendency of anger or hard feelings that you must control.

Mars in Aries has a different nature that Mars in Taurus. Similarly, the Saturn is also influenced by the sign in which it belongs. When such a combination exists in a chart, it is generally considered destructive But there are always elements of positive influence that manifest. The conjunction has many benefits in spite of widely well-discussed fears.

Mars Saturn Conjunction enhances the ability to think, and brings logic, diplomacy and strategy which will help anybody to survive.
Mars Saturn Conjunction increases the person’s ability to take challenges and does not allow them to feel defeated. Therefore, it makes the person rise to the occasion and fight it out and not get a sense of defeat, even when defeated. The Spirit becomes optimistic.
While it gives tremendous experience in dealing with life, by making the person go through all kinds of difficult experiences, these very experiences enable the person to rise above the circumstances and become successful.
Things which are difficult to change can be changed. It is because of this planetary combination that people or countries can make radical changes which would otherwise take ages. These changes ultimately bring progress.
These planets remove laziness and promote action and busy-ness.
This planetary connection promotes hard work, which is always good.
Mars, when aspecting the Saturn, gives power to Saturn. The power of Mars is energy and action. It makes people awaken to the challenges of life and become action oriented.
People who have a restricted boundary of thinking and who are afraid to go beyond these limitations created by themselves, when under pressure of the Mars Saturn conjunction, are forced to break the barriers and go beyond.
Apart from the Saturn Mars conjunction, similar types of results can also be expected, when Saturn and Mars are in mutual reception or in opposition. Meaning they are aspecting each other but in another way. The results of the Saturn Mars conjunction or aspects are different for different rising signs therefore one has to make adjustment in understanding their influences. When the Saturn Mars conjunction or aspects exist in an individual’s natal chart, the impending transit carries the dominant influence for those individuals; no matter what house or sign they are in transit. If the conjunction is not present in the natal chart, when they are just transiting in the sky, they may not make much impact especially when the Dasha Bhuktis are favorable in the individual chart. But in the case of countries or nations, the results may be viewed differently.

  • If your Moon sign is Taurus or Libra, you will be doubly lucky because Saturn happens to be your yogakaraka. You can get a very good deal if you are planning to buy a property.
  • If your Moon sign is Aries or Scorpio, you should be more than happy as your birth Lord will be meeting 3rd and 4th Lord or 10th and 11th Lord, thereby improving your career prospects.
  • If your Moon sign is Cancer or Leo, Mars is your yogakaraka and it will be meeting your 7th Lord, thereby brightening your marriage prospects (if you are unmarried) or bringing forth domestic happiness.
  • If you are a Gemini ascendant, you may get a chance to go abroad during this period.
  • If your Moon sign is Virgo or you are a Virgo ascendant, you will have speculative luck in the period of the conjunction.
  • If your Moon sign is Sagittarius, the period of conjunction can again bring in luck on the career front and also increase the inflow of money.
  • Capricorn or Aquarius natives will purchase immovable properties during this conjunction.
  • The people with beautiful eyes viz. Pisces born natives will see money flow in  during the conjunction.

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