Indian Astrology, BSP 2009 Elections Horoscope

BSP (Bahujan Samaj Party) is a national political party with its main base in Uttar Pradesh (UP). It is lead by Ms. Mayawati, or Behenji (sister) Mayawati, the current UP Chief Minister. The party was formed by Kanshi Ram and regards the Bahujans (word for Majority in Hindi) like the Scheduled Castes/Tribes (SC/ST) or Dalits, Other Backward castes (OBC)  and Religious Minorities as the main voter base.

BSP was formed on 14th April 1984 by Kanshi Ram as per BSP website. In the absence of exact time, we consider the midday horoscope. The corresponding planetary positions and Vimshottari mahadasha details are listed here.  Sun, Saturn and Venus are exalted, Mars and Jupiter in own house. Rahu is in Taurus and is the mahadasha lord. If the lagna is Gemini (few minutes before midday as the formation time), it is a very powerful horoscope. The party is curently undergoing Shani Sade Sati and its entry in Virgo in September 2009 will have a major impact on the party fortune.




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