Auto Insurance and Auto Accidents Predictions

Auto Insurance companies like to predict auto accident so that they can reduce their expenses related to auto accident attorneys, accident claims and auto accident litigation. While there have been some attempts to find correlations with birth dates of the auto  drivers, the auto insurance industry worldwide has failed to this date to take advantage of guiding principles of Vedic astrology. Bad driver auto insurance, new driver auto insurance quotes continue to rise and no win no fee auto accident lawyers flourish. Here we examine auto accident predictions from a Vedic astrology perspective looking for better indicators.

Vehicle accidents, sometimes fatal, are possible under the following combinations:

  1. The Sun, in 10th, the Moon in 2nd, Mars occupying 4th house.
  2. The Sun and Mars in 4th house having malefic aspects.
  3. The Moon and Mars together in kendra or in 8th house.
  4. The Moon, Mars and Saturn in 4th, 10th and 2nd houses.
  5. Weak Moon in 4th and Saturn in 8th house.
  6. Afflicted Saturn occupying 8th house.
  7. The lord of 4th house occupies 6th with Saturn.
  8. The lord of 4th house is hemmed in malefics.
  9. Weak lords of Lagna and 8th combined in 4th house.
  10. Lagna lord conjoined with 4th and 8th lords.
  11. 8th lord in any way related to the 4th lord.
  12. 3rd lord is weak and.occupies 4th house – accident by fall from a vehicle in the major or sub-periods of the 3rd lord.

Assuming an individual is crushed in the head by a big automobile owned by a dignitary, the affliction of Lagna by destructive Mars, may be from the sign of Taurus or Aquarius, with a weak aspect from Jupiter could be noticed. If Jupiter aspected Mars, the vehicle would be a respectable one whereas his aspect on Ascendant may decrease the fatality of the accident and the individual may escape only with injuries. On the other hand, with an aspect of badly afflicted Saturn, the vehicle could be a truck driven by a drunk low class employee with reduced chances of survival.

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