May Horoscope 2010 Jupiter Saturn Opposition

Saturn is retrograde in Virgo and Jupiter enters Pisces on 2nd May 2010. This will bring both planets in opposition  and in exact degree opposition on May 21st, 2010. This astronomical and astrological has tremendous significance for every individual and nation. Here we briefly list its impact on all zodiac signs especially for moon sign of the native. To find your moon sign, please visit Vedic astrology section at

Zodiac Sign Saturn in House Jupiter in House Saturn house Lordship Jupiter house Lordship Increased Positive/Negative Effect
Aries 6th 12th 10th/11th 9th/12th Negative
Taurus 5th 11th 9th/10th 8th/11th Positive
Gemini 4th 10th 8th/9th 7th/10th Slightly Positive
Cancer 3rd 9th 7th/8th 6th/9th Positive
Leo 2nd 8th 6th/7th 5th/8th Negative
Virgo 1st 7th 5th/6th 4th/7th Positive
Libra 12th 6th 4th/5th 3rd/6th Negative
Scorpio 11th 5th 3rd/4th 2nd/5th Positive
Sagittarius 10th 4th 2nd/3rd 1st/4th slightly positive
Capricorn 9th 3rd 1st/2nd 12th/3rd slightly negative
Aquarius 8th 2nd 12th/1st 11th/2nd positive
Pisces 7yh 1st 11th/12th 10th/1st slightly positive

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