Criminal Cases, Criminal Trials and Indian Astrology

Criminal Cases and Criminal Trials attempt to determine the degree of Criminal Reponsibility, the mental factor (Criminal Intention) and the point at which the intention turns into an act. Intention is the criterion of crime but only if it ends in a tangible act. Criminal Attorney and defence lawyers have to wrestle with these issues in every Criminal Trials. Vedic astrology can provide insight into crime intention, the nature of enacted crime and its timing from either horary or natal horoscope.

The moon is karaka for mind, the fourth house and the fourth lord rule mind. The planets influencing each of these by aspect, occupation or association also influence mind. An evaluation of criminal intention must involve a careful study of these factors. Mercury, the lord of intelligence also plays a major role in criminal activities. Natural malefics sun, saturn, rahu, ketu, mars afflicting determinants of mind and intelligence point to the nature of Criminal Activities. A criminal lawyer can gather much insight from an astrologer regarding a Criminal Trial. An astrologer is often posed with questions a) Why does a person commit crime? b) When is he likely to commit such crime? and c) will he/she be prosecuted, acquited or convicted?. Vedic Astrology can play a significant role in Criminal Trial prosecutions by Criminal Attorneys.

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