2009 Leo Horoscope (Simha)

2009 Leo Horoscope has mixed predictions for Leo (Simha) sign. The last quarter of the year beginning 2nd week of September will involve major changes. Finance and Career worries will prevail during this period as well as possible loss of near and dear ones. Month of July may be good for Career. Shani Sade Sati continues throughout the year but goes to the last phase from the middle phase in September with a feel of more stability. Personal hurdles will continue to go away slowly towards the end of the year.

Health and Family: Up to September it may be troublesome for health. The next three months may be better with some relief. The chronic sufferers may have to take special care of themselves. The domestic family life may be on the whole peaceful but may involve loss of family members between September to December.

Career: Work environment will continue to be expanding. Considerable hard work but rewards may be limited.

Love/Marriage: Prospects for love/marriage are much better in December. The year is not expected to be eventful.

Finance and Speculation: Be Careful and beware of possible big losses in September-November in speculative ventures.

Predictions are based on moon sign (the astrological sign of moon at the time of birth). Vedic Astrology considers Moon sign as the most important for predictions based on transit. Please consult monthly horoscopes for more details and range of dates.


We emphasize, however, that every individual is unique and his destiny can only be judged accurately from his Vedic horoscope based on his unique birth date, time and place of birth. Any 2009 horoscope (Moon sign or Sun sign based) can at best give only a broad outline. We recommend everyone that they should get their individual 2009 forecast analyzed in a personalized manner based on their horoscope by Decisioncare for a nominal fee in time before the rush begins. For details, see our affordable fees.

2009 Leo Transits:

Saturn will be retrograde in Leo in 1st house from Jan 1st to May 17th. Then it becomes direct again in Leo and enters Virgo, 2nd house on September 9th 2009 and stays there till the end of the year.

Jupiter will be in direct motion in Capricorn, 6th house till it becomes retrograde from June 16th to October 13th in Capricorn itself. Then it becomes direct and enters Aquarius, 7th house on 19th December and stays there till till the end of the year.

Rahu is in Capricorn, 6th house till 2nd November and then enters Sagittarius, 5th house and stays there till the end of the year.

Ketu is in Cancer, 12th house till 2nd November and then enters Gemini, 11th house and stays there till the end of the year.

Mars is in Sagittarius, 5th house till 27th January and then in Capricorn, 6th house till it enters Aquarius, 7th house on 7th March, Pisces, 8th house on 14th April, Aries, 9th house on 23rd May, Taurus, 10th house on July 3rd, Gemini, 11th house on 16th August, Cancer, 12th house on 5th October and becomes retrograde in Cancer on 21st December and stays there till the end of the year.

Sun, Mercury and Venus, as usual make a complete round of the zodiac.

During 2009, there are two solar and four lunar eclipses will occur.

2009 Jan 26th: Annular Solar Eclipse (6th house influenced)

2009 Feb. 09th: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse ( 6th house and 12th house influenced)

2009 Jul. 07th: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse (6th house, 11th and 12th house influenced)

2009 Jul 22nd: Total Solar Eclipse( 12th house influenced)

2009 Aug. 06th: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse (6th house and 12th house influenced)

2009 Dec. 31st: Partial Lunar Eclipse( 5th house and 11th house influenced)

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