July 2009 Triple Eclipse and Mundane Ruling Signs

The Triple Eclipse set in JulyAugust 2009 include  the Lunar Eclipse of (Chandra Grahan) July 7, 2009  followed by a solar eclipse (Surya Grahan) on July 22, 2009 and anotherlunar eclipse on August 6, 2009.  For judging the effect of these eclipses as common in mundane astrology, we require the ruling sign of various nations. The great astrologer Varaha Mihira in his book Brihat Samhita has given the list of countries governed by signs and planets. We quote these ruling signs for the benefit of our readers.

ARIES: France, Switzerland, England, Denmark, Germany, Lower Poland, Syria, Burgundy- Naples, Capua, Marseilles, Birmingham, Florence

TAURUS:  Greater Poland, Persia, Ireland, Asia minor, Georgia, Part of Russia, Holland, Greek Archipelago, Leipzig, Dublin

GEMINI: South west England, USA, Flanders, Lower Egypt, Belgium, Sardinia, wale, Tripoli, London. Versailles, Melbourne, Plymouth, Sanfrancisco

CANCER: Holland, Scotland, Newzeland, Paraguay, New York, Istanbul, Tripoli, Algiers, Venice, Manchester, Amsterdam

LEO: Italy, Sicily, Part of France, Chaldea, bohemia, Damascus, Bristol, Canton, Philadelphia Chicago and Mumbai

VIRGO: India, Iran, Turkey, Brazil, Crete, Assyria, West Indies, Jerusalem and Losangeles

LIBRA: Some Parts of India, Portugal, Austria, Alaska, Japan, Tibet, Burma, Siam, China

SCORPIO; Bavaria, Judea, Catalonia, Norway, morocco, Washington, Dover, Liverpool, Baltimore

SAGITTARIUS: Spain. Arabia, Hungary, Madagascar,

CAPRICORN: Part of India, Macedonia, Afghanistan, Mexico, Oxford, Brussels

AQUARIUS: Sweden, Some parts of Arabia, Russia, Denmark, Lower Sudan,

PISCES: Normandy, Portugal, Egypt, Nubian, Sahara, Alexandria

As per Vedic astrology the ruling  signs given are the Ascendants for the countries mentioned and when afflicted the country suffers some calamity. The effect of eclipses can be anlayzed by knowing the horoscope at the time of eclipse in the capital of the region and the eclipse point in relation to to these given ruling signs.

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