July Lunar Eclipse, Nepal and Gyanendra 2009 Birthday

The Lunar Eclipse (Chandra Grahan) of July 7, 2009 falls on the same day as birthday of  Gyanendra, ex-king of Nepal (Lunar eclipse point coincides with natal Sun of Gyanendra) .  On his 62nd birthday, perhaps it is not a mere coincidence  that  “he would be indicating his views on the turmoil that continues to plague the country” as reported in a Times of India news article.

The coming Triple Eclipse has strong implications for Nepal political situation. July 7th Gyanendra birthday may mark the opening. We may take this occasion to point out that the eclipse point of Total Solar Eclipse (Surya Grahan) of 22nd July 2009 falls within

  1. 3 degree orb of natal Mercury of Gyanendra.
  2. 1 degree orb of natal Jupiter of Prachanda
  3. 1 degree orb of natal Jupiter of Prince Hridayendra.

These are no random coincidences as our readers blogs on Nepal and Eclipses may recognize. Turmoil in Nepal political situation  is on move towards a stable governace.

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