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Libra is the seventh sign of the Zodiac, ruled by Venus. Lunar eclipse occurs on Full Moon and Solar Eclipse occurs on New Moon. For individual horoscope, the four important sensitive points are Ascendant , Moon, Ascendant lord and Sun. (If you want to find these sensitive points in your birth chart and your free Vedic horoscope, please visit our member site )In Vedic astrology, this sign is also known as Thula. The last two padas of Chitra, Swati and first three padas of Vishakha are covered by this Zodiac sign. In Sidereal Astrology (that is in Vedic or Indian Astrology), Sun is in this sign from roughly October 16th to December 15th, while according to Western astrology corresponding to Tropical zodiac, sun covers this sign from September 23-24 to October 22-23. To learn more visit Libra Astrology and Libra Compatibility To learn more visit Virgo Astrology and Virgo Compatibility. Here by Vedic Astrology we analyze the effect of June Lunar eclipse on Libra Ascendant, Libra Moon Sign and Libra Sun Sign individuals.

A partial lunar eclipse (Chandra Grahan) will be on June 26, 2010 be at 11.36 hrs GMT(UT)and lasts for 1hr 38 Mins. This partial Lunar eclipse is visible in North-East India, Australia, Nepal, Singapore, Malaysia, Western  of USA and Canada etc. The eclipse point is along Gemini-Sagittarius 10-11 degrees with moon in moola nakshatra.

Chandra Grahan of June 26, 2010 will occur on Jyeshta Purnima (Full Moon day in Vedic Jyeshta month). Jyeshta Purnima is celebrated asJagannath Purnima /Snan Purnima / Devasnana Purnima in Orissa, especially at Puri Jagannath Temple. It is also celebrated as Eruvaka Punnami (Yeruvaka Purnima) in Andhra Pradesh and some parts of Karnataka. In some areas, it is also celebrated as Krushi Purnima. Vat Savitri Vrat or Vat Purnima Vrat is also observed on Jyeshta Purnima day.

The planetary position at the time of eclipse is shown in the table here. Note Jupiter and Saturn are in Kendra to moon and sun at the time of eclipse.  The full moon will be in Moola  nakshatra ruled by Ketu in zodiac sign Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter and Sun in Gemini ruled by mercury.

The lunar eclipse and is visible mainly in the pacific and eastern parts of Australia and for a greater extent in the western parts of USA and Canada. The partial eclipse will happen at moon rise in India, Nepal, Singapore, Malaysia and other places in eastern parts of Asia. The Chandragrahan will be taking place in India between 15:46 and 18:30 and will be slightly visible in northeastern parts of India. Please note that the eclipse is not visible in Gulf, Europe and Africa.

The following map shows the detail view of the Chandra Grahan on June 26, 2010 around the world:

Eclipse has significant effect when eclipse point is in the rasi or nakshatra of natal planets or near sensitive points in the horoscope. An Eclipse in the same rashi as another planet will affect the fortune of the person indicated by that planet whereas in the same nakshatra will affect the health of the individual indicated by that planet. The effects of an eclipse can be experienced around the time before or after the eclipse. If the luminary is placed before ascendant lord/sun/lord of the house, then the effects arise prior to the eclipse date.

The 5 Eclipse Astrological Influence Essentials are

1. Eclipse points are”energy junctions

2. The eclipse lunar node type, Rasi and Nakshatra are significant astrological influence factors.

3. The eclipse influences the matters related to the eclipse point house from the ascendant.

4. The planets in conjunction with or aspecting the eclipse point are eclipse significators .

5. Eclipse point degrees and Individual horoscope planetary longitudes, Rasi and Navamsa Charts should be analyzed together.
June Eclipse Forecast for Libra  Ascendant, Libra Moon Sign and Libra Sun Sign

The Lunar Eclipse is on your ninth-third house axis, signifying beginning of major changes involving overseas travel, spiritual quest etc. Transfer to nearby places, mental worries to younger brother/sister, loss to mother or her hospitalisation, less increment in salary to children (causing tension for them) , sudden journeys to spouse,  (resulting anxiety for wife) ,monetary loss to father in business , loss of children to elder brother/sister, huge losses to them in speculation. There will be major activity related to these issues within next sixth months depending on when the major significators in your horoscope transit these eclipse points and the mahadasha phase that you are running during this time according to your personal horoscope.

We emphasize, that every individual is unique and his destiny can only be judged accurately from his Vedic horoscope based on his unique birth date, time and place of birth. Any analysis (based on Ascendant sign, Moon sign or Sun sign) can at best give only a broad outline. We recommend everyone that they should get their individual forecast analyzed in a personalized manner based on their horoscope by Decisioncare. For details, visit our Astrology Services to get answers to any questions you think of!

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