Unhappy Marriage and Venus

Unhappy marriages, be it Hollywood/Bollywood style celebrity divorce, extra marital affairs or  common person’s loss of love,  causes unhappy life.  Legal battles, Divorce Attorneys, divorce advice, psychiatric help ensue. Vedic Astrology provides an indication of unhappy marriage from planetary positions in the horoscope. Venus is  the significator of love and marriage and its strength, position and afflictions must be evaluated in addition to other factors listed in our earlier blog on the subject. Here we discuss the influence of Venus on unhappy marriages.

Venus is the significator of marriage and sex-life.  A strong Venus placed in an angle or a trine without being blemished by malefics is an excellent sign for a happy conjugal life. Like the retrograde 7th lord, retrograde Venus in a birth chart tends to spoil the married life. Divor­cees have often been found to be saddled with retrograde Venus in their horoscope. Venus in the 6th makes the native unattractive to the opposite sex but Venus in the 12th is said to be conducive to bed-pleasure. A strong Venus in the 5th is also likely to give a stable emotional life.

Apart from adverse place­ment and retrogression, Venus should not be afflicted in a horoscope. Its conjunction with Sun, affliction by natural ma­lefic or it being hemmed be­tween malefics definitely ham­pers prospects for a happy marriage. For example, Venus with Mars denotes excessive sex. Venus with Saturn or Sun subdues sex life.  Venus with Rahu fosters extra marital relations often leading  to sex scandals.  Venus and Ketu may also implicate in sex scandal. Find how Venus is placed in your horoscope by visiting decisioncare.org/astrology and creating your own free Vedic Horoscope .

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