Marriage Compatibility, Astrology Horoscope and Genetics

Marriage Compatibility is now being linked to both Astrology Horoscope and Genetics. Genetics and astrology are closely related. Father of modern genetics, Francis Crick and Vedic Astrology point to similar conclusions about life. Marital compatibility essentials have been discussed at great length in Vedic Astrology. Genetic causation of marital compatibility remains to be established. Mangalik or kuja dosha (angaraka dosh) or positions of mangal (mars), saturn, rahu, jupiter, venus, sun in the horoscope in judging marriage compatibility perhaps point only to genetic variation. This is what the new research in genetics points to.

A new scientific research study published in Proceedings of National academy of Sciences suggests that variation in a gene called AVPR1A (“love rat gene”) has a small but evident influence on the strength of a relationship, the likelihood of marriage and the risk of divorce. The researchers compared the sequence of repeat polymorphisms in AVPR1A among 552 pairs of Swedish twins, all of whom were either married or living with a partner. Scoring a series of 13 questions designed to find out about various aspects of their relationships such as how much time they spent together, how often they kissed or whether they had ever considered divorce, a link was found between this score and a version of one particular repeat polymorphism. Men who carried this sequence, known as allele 334, had lower-than-average scores and the more copies they had, the lower their rating. Carriers of allele 334 also tended to suffer from more marital problems than those without it. About a third of men (34%) with two copies had faced rocky marriages or impending divorce within the last year, while only half as many (15-16%) of those with one or no copies had been through such problems. People who carried allele 334 were also slightly less likely to have tied the knot. About 83% of men with one or no copies had married their partners (the rest were co-habiting) while only 68% of those with two copies had taken that step.

We have repeatedly emphasized the strong connection between astrology horoscopes and genetics. A horoscope gives a reading of the person’s marital life, infidelity and relationship with spouse. Now genetics research points to results similar to astrological predictions. While research in genetics continues, Marriage compatability determination based on Indian Astrology will continue to lead our lives.


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