Mars Transit over Birth Planets

Mars is the energy that helps us to push forward and attain our hopes and dreams. Mars transits on birth planets are  noticeable. Transit effects are outlined here. However,  it is important to remember that dasa mahadasa and house lordship and placement of these planets in individual horoscope may significantly alter the results.

Transit Mars Aspects Birth Sun: The conjunction is usually a good time to start things. The trine and sextile aspects also tend to increase your energy. The square and opposition can energize you too much. Mars is also the planet of arguments. With Mars aspecting the Sun, the arguments are more likely to occur with men.

Transit Mars Aspects Birth Moon: This transit makes emotions more active and you will feel things more intensively. Conjunction, square, and opposition increase the chance of arguments, and because of moon especially with women. Temper and patience will be shorter. For harmonious aspects (sextile and trine), the emotions are less volatile. There will be an increased desire for physical action as well as the heightened state of our emotions.

Transit Mars Aspects Birth Mercury: Mercury communicates and Mars is aggressive. If conjunction, square, and opposition, be careful of your words. However you are in a debate or a lawyer, you will present your point of view forcefully. It is easy to find yourself getting involved in minor disputes that quickly escalate into major conflicts. Sextile and trine enable you to handle these energies more smoothly Handle communication task with ease because Mars craves action and gives courage.

Transit Mars Aspects Birth Venus: Mars is passion and energy. Venus is love, art and creativity, ease and comfort. You may be spending your time on a combination of both in many different ways depending on the lordship of these two planets. Conjunction, square, or opposition would normally bring stress whereas other aspects may generate positive emotions.

Transit Mars Aspects Birth Mars: It is action and aggression all over. Avoid unnecessary fights or arguments, especially when aspects are conjunction, square, and opposition. This transit can bring out all suppressed angry feelings and can create surprising unpleasant scenes. It could also cause you to boil over inside and give you physical ailments. For positive transits, it involves finishing up all activities requiring physical action.

Transit Mars Aspects Birth Jupiter: Jupiter id expansion and Mars action. There is confidence and enthusiasm all over with favorable aspects. Conjunction, square, or opposition may bring over confidence and over-enthusiasm. It can spell disaster for some for example an investor or speculator. Also avoid physical risks.

Transit Mars Aspects Birth Saturn: Saturn concentrates and brings into focus while Mars has energy. It is an excellent time for hard work, planning and preparation if aspects are favorable. For aspects like conjunction, square, and opposition, it can very negative results. Mars activates anything it touches while Saturn magnifies the weakest and most vulnerable points. Small things can become irritating and even bring misfortune or loss.

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