Childbirth Timing by Transit in Vedic Astrology

Childbirth Timing (whether by natural birth or IVF) can be determined by Vedic Astrology. Here, we list some of the important planetary transits that can be used for child birth timing in addition to the mahadasha/antardasha of the couple.

When Jupiter passes through in transit the triangular sign to the sign occupied by the lord of the 5th or yama kantaka, birth of a son may also be expected.

The birth of a son is likely to take place, when the lord of the ascendant during his transit (1) gets into conjunction with the lord of the 5th house, (2) passes through his sign of exaltation or (3) occupies his own sign passing through in his transit of the ascendant through the 5th house or the sign occupied by the lord of the 5th is also an opportune period for the birth of children.

Find out the sign of 5th from Jupiter and the sign and navamsa of its lord. When Jupiter in transit is triangular to that sign or navamsa, the birth of a son (children) may be predicted.

Find out the lord of the nakshatra occupied by the Moon and that of the 5th from it. Add the longitudes of the two plantes. When Jupiter passes in transit through the sign represented by this result or through one of its triangular ones, the birth of a son is possible.

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