Medical Diagnosis timing

Medical Diagnosis, be it cancer diagnosis, disease diagnosis, pain diagnosis, diabetes diagnosis, depression diagnosis, asthma diagnosis or hypertension diagnosis, has advanced significantly. In spite of tremendous advancement in symptoms diagnosis technology including online diagnosis, whether an individual gets correctly his symptoms diagnosed depends on his own horoscope and dasha/mahadasha he is running. When the timing is right, one can find even online diagnosis on internet as the recent BBC health news reports.

Diagnosing a disease of an individual depends on so many things; being in the right facility and at the right time. Advanced medical diagnostics technique alone is not sufficient. Vedic astrology can provide indications of diseases a person may be susceptible to and timing at which the symptoms will manifest. If medical diagnosis is done along these directions, symptom diagnosis efforts will be more fruitful and person can be spared considerable agony. Medicine and Astrology should go together as in traditional societies.

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