Personalized medicine, Horoscope and Astrology

After our recent blog on Genetics and Astrology, many of our readers have asked to elaborate on personalized medicine and how individual horoscope readings can guide it. Personalized medicine tailors the right drug, for the right person, at the right time and includes evaluating predisposition to disease sometimes decades in advance of its threatened onset. A recent article in US News and world report summarizes the specific advantages that personalized medicine may offer patients and clinicians:

  • Ability to make more informed medical decisions
  • Higher probability of desired outcomes thanks to better-targeted therapies
  • Reduced probability of negative side effects
  • Focus on prevention and prediction of disease rather than reaction to it
  • Earlier disease intervention than has been possible in the past
  • Reduced healthcare costs

Personalized medicine focuses strongly on wellness and disease prevention. For example, if a person’s genomic information indicates a higher-than-average risk of developing diabetes or a particular form of cancer, that person may choose a lifestyle, or sometimes be prescribed medications, to better regulate the aspects of health and wellness over which he or she has control. The person may benefit in the long run from making preventive lifestyle choices that will help counteract the biological risk.

Studies of individual horoscope complement these personalized medicine approaches. Practitioners of alternative medicine have always used guidance from astrological analysis to treat their patients. Horoscope of an individual reads his/her predisposition to a particular type of health problem based on principles of Vedic astrology. Birth Chart can outline the planetary dasa periods when these health risks can surface. Combining astrological diagnostics with personalized medicine studies, the individual can be fully prepared to face health problems.

We at DecisionCare feel that the path of future medicine will be a mix of astrology and Genomics, Zodiac and Genetics. Medical doctors have to learn both as their ancient counterpart for better medical treatment and disease prevention.

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