Free MLB Baseball Game Winner Pick by Astrology

The MLB has teams like the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs, Los Angeles Dodgers, Toronto Blue Jay’s, San Francisco Giants and Oakland A’s. If you wish to pick your winning team for each game or wish to check the fate of your favorite team in a particular baseball game by using Vedic horary astrology, please join us. provides free MLB  Picks to satisfy your curiosity to know if your favorite team or player is the winner.

All calculations are carried out based on your location and time of question using Horary Astrology. You know whether your team will be a winner or not winner and derive happiness as a fan if your team/player wins. Financial gains (Sports betting predictions), if you try to make from this decision, however are also tied to your own horoscope of the day.

There are also many free astrological tools and horoscopes at which help analyze your own individual horoscope on a daily basis .

These free tools are:

  • Daily Sun Sign horoscope,
  • Daily Moon Sign Horoscope,
  • Your Sun Sign, Moon Sign, Nakshatra
  • Your Vedic Horoscope,
  • Daily Personal transits based on your birth chart,
  • Vedic time cycle dasa mahadasa,
  • Create your life history for astrological analysis
  • Reading material to interpret your Transits and Horoscope in depth

Receive Free Predictions for Special Life Events, Horoscopes, Daily Transits and Much More!

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