Rahu Sagittarius Ketu Gemini Transit November Virgo Horoscope

Rahu Transits Sagittarius ( Dhanu) and Ketu transits Gemini (Mithuna), from 3rd November 2009 to 4th May 2011. Rahu and Ketu are lunar nodes and hence shadow planets of Vedic astrology. Rahu is like Shani and Ketu like Mars. They are responsible for Kal sarpa yoga in a horoscope.To find your moon sign or ascendant please visit decisioncare.org/astrology or contact Decisioncare services. Here we give the results of Rahu transit on Virgo Moon sign.

Rahu in Sagittarius will be in 4th house from Virgo and Ketu in Gemini in 10th house from Virgo zodiacal sign beginning 3rd November 2009.

For Virgo Moon sign:

Next eighteen months may give average effect of these transits. There may be lack of mental peace, obstacles and strains, which can create tension. Cold attitude from the near and dear may bring unhappiness. Mother may need attention. There might be an increase in landed property and vehicles, but be extra cautious before finalizing any deal. Ketu in tenth house might create some problems at work. Rewards may not be commensurate with the hard work put in. There might be delay in promotion and unfavorable transfers are also possible. There may be change in job. Those in business may get moderate benefits. Projects may get obstructed. Virgo born must remain alert and vigilant and can cut down expenses on luxury items, to be able to manage in your budget. Be careful in investments as well. May be benefited from a new friendship. Heart related problems might crop up. There may be some allergic problem also. Some may  have to leave home for a completely new environment. Students in scientific streams may do extremely well.

We emphasize, however, that every individual is unique and his destiny can only be judged accurately from his Vedic horoscope based on his unique birth date, time and place of birth. Anyhoroscope analysis (Moon sign or Sun sign based) can at best give only a broad outline. We recommend everyone that they should get their individual forecast analyzed in a personalized manner based on their horoscope by Decisioncare for a nominal contribution.(For a comprehensive report on Virgo Sign and for individual horoscope, please visit Affordable Contribution).

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