Scorpio January

2011  January Scorpio Horoscope and Astrology by Sun Sign

Birthday: November 16th to December 15th (Indian Astrology) or October 23rd to December 21 (Western Astrology)

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the Zodiac, ruled by Mars. In Vedic astrology, last pada (one of the four) of Vishakha, Anuradha and Jyeshta nakshatras are covered by this Zodiac sign. In Sidereal Astrology (that is in Vedic or Indian Astrology), Sun is in this sign from roughly November 16th to December 15th, while according to Western astrology corresponding to Tropical zodiac, sun covers this sign from October 23rd to December 21.

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January 2011 Scorpio (Vrischika) Horoscope

January will be a prosperous month.  There will be monetary gains.  Family and friends will be very supportive.  Inspite of recent differences with siblings their growth will make you happy.  Couples planning for children will be blessed.  Politicians, Government Officials, Engineers, IT professionals, those in Defense services and allied Secret agencies will be recognized for their innovative ideas.  Your hard work will be duly rewarded.  Care may be taken in drafting correspondence as your strong words may create problems after few months.  Musicians and Dancers will get awards.  You will attend social functions.  Expenditure on expanding wardrobe and jewellery will be there.  This is a positive period for the unmarried.  Spouse will be supportive.  Throat infections, headaches and vision ailments may be there.  It is a  good month for Businessmen also.

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