Horary astrology

Horary astrology finds an answer to a question from the horoscope for the exact time at which the question is posed to the astrologer. Horary is also known as Prashna. The Vedic horoscope is calculated for the Prasna or question. From the horoscope, the background of the question, present status and how the future will turn out is predicted. Horary astrology is widely used for decision making in the absence of complete information.

The fact that a question arises in our mind and we seek answer at a particular time can provide revealing details about the answers to that question. The time at which we ask the question is the “birth time” of the query. Vedic Astrology can answer the future happenings concerning the query based on this time. Examples of questions are;

  1. This person is missing. When will he return?
  2. Who is the culprit? Any clues?
  3. What happens if I relocate?
  4. Am I losing the job?
  5. Am I going to marry this person?
  6. Will I win this legal case?
  7. Should I buy this house?
  8. Will this team win?
and the list goes on. It is said that a correct answer to a query can be obtained only if the question is asked with sincerity and in positive spirit without malice towards others by the questioner.

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