Muhurat Shubha, Birth Moon and Birth Star

Muhurat Shubha (auspicious time) fixing involves finding the best Muhurta based on Birth Moon and Birth Star or Moon Star. Three factors that must be considered are 1. Tarabala or strength of nakshatra (constellation) 2. Chandrabala or lunar strength and 3) Panchaka or five-source energy. These three factors rely heavily on position of muhurat moon from birth moon (Janma Rashi) and birth nakshatra or moon star. Here, we discuss how to calculate Tarabala

Tarabala is determined as follows. The nakshatra at  birth is Janma nakshatra or birth star and the zodiac sign of the Moon at birth is Janma Rasi or Birth Moon. Count from the birth nakshatra to the nakshatra at muhurat and divide the number by 9 if divisible. Otherwise keep it as it is. If the remainder is 1 (janma) it indicates danger to body; if 2 (sampat) wealth and prosperity; if 3 (vipat) dangers, losses and accidents; if 4 (kshema) prosperity; if 5 (pratyak) obstacles; if 6 (sadhana) realisation of ambitions; if 7 (naidhana) dangers; if 8 (mitra) good; and if 9 (parama mitra) very favorable.

Example:     For Aswini born person, the number will be 22 for a day with Sravana nakshatra . 22 divided by 9 leaves a remainder of 4. This goes under kshema or favorable and hence Tarabala is good.

If the number is less than 10, it is first Paryaya or cycle, then the evil suggested for 3rd star Vipat. 5th star Pratyak. etc., is full hundred percent.

If the number is between 10 and 18, it is second  Paryaya or cycle, then the evil suggested for 3rd star Vipat. 5th star Pratyak. etc., is half or about fifty percent. percent. In fact the evil is only in the first quarter of the 3rd (Vipat), the 4th quarter of the 5th (Pratyak) and the 3rd quarter of the 7th (Naidhana).

If the number is between 19 and 27, it is the third cycle or Paryaya, the evil is said to be almost negligible. Suppose the birth star is Rohini and the day’s star is Satabhisha. The day’s star counted from birth star comes to 21. or the 3rd in the third cycle. The 3rd is Vipat. But it is said to carry little or no evil.

It is best to avoid Vipat and Naidhana stars for all important undertakings even if such a star happens to fall in the 3rd-cycle, unless there are other counteracting factors.

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